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Are you looking for a way to escape your past and a criminal record? Under certain circumstances, you may be eligible to get your record sealed. When your conviction (or arrest) is expunged, it does not mean that it goes away completely. Law enforcement officials will still be able to see it but it will not come up in background checks and the general public will not be able to view it either.

At Ingram, Grimm & Yacovone, LLP, our Ohio expungement attorneys are passionate about helping individuals like yourself build a new life and a fresh start, including seeking the freedoms of an expungement.

How an Expungement Can Improve Your Future

Each time a potential employer, business partner, landlord, or anyone you meet conducts a background check on you, they will be able to pull up information about your criminal history. With the job and housing markets being as tough as they are, being passed over due to a criminal record can have far-reaching and long-lasting consequences for your life. Don’t let your past haunt you any more than it has. Let our firm work with you to seek an expungement of your record.

To be eligible for an expungement, you need to meet the following requirements and more:

  • You cannot currently have pending charges against you
  • You must have demonstrated you are not a threat to society
  • You cannot have been convicted of a serious violent or sex crime
  • You must have fulfilled the obligations of your previous sentence

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If you are worried about your past arrest or conviction and how your record may be affecting your life, we can help. At Ingram, Grimm & Yacovone, LLP, we work with clients like yourself to determine if you are eligible for an expungement and, if so, pursue the sealing of your record. If we find out that you are not eligible for an expungement, we can still discuss the other options which may be available to you. We understand the type of prejudices that exist out there in the world and want to help you live without fear of your past.



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